New York Tourist Passes

The Big Apple, The City that Never Sleeps, New York is known by many a moniker for its diversity, history and great tourist attractions. If you are planning a vacation to New York, there are many different options available when it comes to seeing its sights. How long you plan to stay and the type of experience you want to have will set the tone for the type of resources that you will use. This site will go over three of the most popular money-saving tourist options in great detail.

Throughout the course of each review, we will walk you through several aspects each pass, including the sights it offers access to, its cost model, the added features of the pass, as well the restrictions that it places on its users and an overall assessment of its value. The goal is to provide a comprehensive review of each tourist option. By the end of each review you should has a good idea of the benefits, features and drawbacks of the pass and be able to make an informed decision about whether it will be worth it to purchase one.

In addition, we also provide a brief comparison of all the passes as well as a list of helpful alternatives in case you still cannot find what you are looking for with each pass. Enjoy!


Compare NY Passes

The three major tourist passes offered in New York: The New York Pass (NYP), the New York CityPass, and the New York Explorer Pass all share some important features. In addition, there are clear differences between and among these passes that this page will lay out in a clear manner.

It is our hope to take the information expanded upon in each of the three reviews and condense them into one, easy-to-read comparison for users to review, print and use to help them decide the best avenue to take.

Alternatives to a NY City Pass

This final review will briefly outline other options available to New York City tourists that either go beyond or condense the options offered by each pass. Though not nearly as thorough as the full review of each pass, take these ideas and run with them in order to create a customized New York experience that you will never forget.


New York Tourist Pass News

Some highlights of the three major passes in the news as well as some other great news/information about New York’s famous landmarks.